Forgotten Blog

You know it’s bad when you’ve completely forgotten you have a blog and then you get a notification that it’s time to renew your domain. Oops. That being said I’m going to make an effort to regularly update this in the second half of 2020.

Updating WiFi on a Fire TV Stick Without the Remote

It’s been a long time since I tried to fire up our Amazon Fire TV stick on our TV but we’ve completely redone the living room floors and have new furniture (yay, recliner!) being delivered next weekend. So, I turned on the TV, went to the HDMI port that it’s plugged into and, well, where’s the remote? I can’t find it. No problem, Google to the rescue. Are you freaking kidding me… I need to be on the same WiFi it was configured with in use the Fire TV app on my phone… ?

Using a Self-Signed SSL Certificate

You’ve been hacking on your project and you’re about to move it into a client’s environment. You ask them for a valid SSL cert and they say “use self-signed for now”. Okay, alright, I can do that, but now I have to convince my application that’s it’s okay to blow off the lack of authority for this certificate. Until then it’s NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID in the console log every time the API gets accessed.

Setting Up Gitconfig on Windows

Whenever I have to work on a remote system (usually Windows) I’ll do my typical git clone <repo here> routine but then I’m immediately missing my local aliases for doing things. My git co -am "message" falls over and wants git commit instead. My git lga with all the colorful abbreviated output for my logs doesn’t work because none of that formating is here. Normally I’d just fire up vim ~/.


I hadn’t updated my blog in a while because it was a terribly painful process and if I made even the slightest mistake I would have to go through the entire thing again and then wait for it to build. Then it would sometimes build and sometimes not build. Very very frustrating. Enter: Netlify I’m using hugo and netlify - it’s p easy when you get it set up — danielle (@endocrimes) July 4, 2019 I thought I’d give it a try and wow I was really impressed.