In keeping with the 100 days of [insert something here] routine, I’m going to try to write something every day for 100 days and post it on this twitter thread that I’ve started. Most days it’ll be technical stuff but there will be some days that I just throw open a document and journal for a bit.

I wrote more than 1000 words on the first day but since then ~500 seems to be the sweet spot. And then there are those that I don’t feel like I can wrap up in 500 words and so I’ll revisit them a few times. I figure I’ll be able to generate content and then decide where I want to use it.

I’m already running into the same situation I do when I start anything else. It gets to be around 8pm and I haven’t done it for the day and then I feel like I have to either force myself to come up with something or skip it and then hope that I don’t fall off track. The upside is that if I punt with the journal routine I can usually get 500 words down in about 10 minutes. Hooray for quick typing speed, am I right?

And as I’m writing this I remembered that I started a “blog ideas” document and kept adding to it. Let’s see what we’ve got here…

  • Write-Output vs. Write-Host in PowerShell scripts
  • Speaking ill of technologies you don’t use
  • Using ngrok for testing servers in Go
  • Using pre-request scripts in Postman to generate timestamps
  • The dreaded smart quotes and how to prevent them from eating your lunch
  • Some note about global variables (not sure what that’s about)
  • Fixing broken reports in SolarWinds using a view
  • Repairing a broken Honda Pilot lock
  • All the things I learned on Farcry 3 & 4
  • All the things I learned on BioShock 1 & 2

That’s a pretty random-feeling list. Ah well, the idea is to learn to write a little better with each thing I put down on virtual paper. It’s going to happen no matter what I write about though the technical stuff has been a little more challenging than I expected. It’s one thing to know something yourself and another to try and explain it to someone else. There’s an inherent ordering of data that you have to do and then there’s the analogies (my favorite) and the screenshots and the diagrams (my least favorite).

Another 450 words or so down, let’s do it again soon.