I’ve been using the Bitmoji app on my phone for a while now and it’s been great for getting across that little something extra during all that fun text-based communication. But that’s the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Once you’ve created your very own bitmoji in your likeness, there is a Chrome plugin that lets you conjure one and shove it into your clipboard whenever you’re feeling froggy.

the struggle is real

They come in handy in work emails, blog posts, forum posts, and just about anywhere you might want to paste something fun. Then there’s the application in GitHub issues! Is someone being extra awesome? Give them a virtual high-five with your very own bitmoji that gets cleverly converted to the appropriate markup:

github bitmoji markup

So head over there, create your own bitmoji, and get to posting that stuff all over the place. You’ll be glad you did and your colleagues will love you for it, guaranteed. Or your money back. But maybe not.

talk soon bitmoji