I’ve been playing Diablo 3 as of late. I got started back with it around the time that season 13 was starting. I didn’t create a seasonal character initially because I didn’t see the benefit. You lose access to all your other characters their money, and their crafting bits. It turns out niether of those things are very important once you get to level 70.

So I started playing a non-seasonal character for a bit and then realized that playing on my own wasn’t much fun. I googled around a bit and found a posting from a fellow named “Raged(OD)” recruiting for more members. The ad talked about accepting folks from casual gamers to experienced so I figured I’d give it a go.

I joined the clan (yes, clan - sigh) and started playing with the other folks Raged has recruited recently. It was a good time and they helped me get a new seasonal character leveled up quickly. I went through a few before I settled on the monk which has been my main character. I have a few different builds (read: outfits) for her that help me get through specific kinds of content. I enjoy the game play more than I thought I would. I’m finding that I really enjoy the ARPG (action role-playing game) genre in general.

Whenever I log in, I cycle through one of the following:

  1. Running Rifts
  2. Running Greater Rifts
  3. Bounty Hunting

The first and last have a sort of static difficulty level because they don’t scale indefinitely. The second one does scale as high as you can go and it’s really easy to hit a point where you’re not having fun anymore. Also, when folks join your group the difficulty (and rewards) increase. So if you’re comfortable running a level 85 greater rift solo you may not be so keen on running the same with 1-3 other players joining you.

That’s what I ran into tonight. I have folks that want to run with me, so I invite them because y’know, good guy me, and then they want to bump it up. And bump it up. And bump it up. Until it’s a series of face rolling deaths and it’s not fun anymore. I need to learn to respond to the suggestion to bump it up with “no thank you” instead of my default which is “SURE, WHY NOT?” because I’m a damn softie.