It’s been a long time since I tried to fire up our Amazon Fire TV stick on our TV but we’ve completely redone the living room floors and have new furniture (yay, recliner!) being delivered next weekend.

So, I turned on the TV, went to the HDMI port that it’s plugged into and, well, where’s the remote? I can’t find it. No problem, Google to the rescue. Are you freaking kidding me… I need to be on the same WiFi it was configured with in use the Fire TV app on my phone… ?

Gaaaaaah. Alright, so another search and I found this lovely video that saved the day.

Here were the steps:

  1. Set up a mobile hot spot with the previous WiFi SSID on my phone.
  2. Join that WiFi SSID with my wife’s phone.
  3. Fire up the Fire TV app on her phone.
  4. Use it to change the WiFi to our current WiFi.
  5. Tear down the mobile hot spot (which I just remembered to do).

And we’re able to watch Trolls on Netflix while Mackenzie winds down for the night! Success!