Today I sat down to write a group and dependency creation program for a colleague and what came out of that were a couple more examples for the SolarWinds GitHub repository for their API. Of course they both use my SolarWinds package because why not, right?

These are modeled after the PowerShell examples they already have in place which include the username and password right there at the top. Of course don’t actually put the authentication in your code if you’re following the 12 Factor App way of doing things and go with some environment variables instead.

Here is the actual pull request that adds the new samples.

One of the things I’ve learned by doing these is to embrace interface{} when building these requests because the types will vary. And thankfully json.Marshal() doesn’t care what you give it as long as it can convert it to a valid JSON document. That way the parentID and childID (integers) can stay integers even though the rest of the map has string values.

// you would get these using SWQL queries, but we'll set them statically
// as an example
parentID := 1
parentURI := "swis://"
parentType := "Orion.Nodes"

childID := 4
childURI := "swis://"
childType := "Orion.Nodes"

req := map[string]interface{}{
    "Name":              "Sample Dependency",
    "ParentUri":         parentURI,
    "ChildUri":          childURI,
    "ParentEntityType":  parentType,
    "ChildEntityType":   childType,
    "ParentNetObjectID": parentID,
    "ChildNetObjectID":  childID,

As I was writing this I also realized that gosolar didn’t have a Create() method yet so I dashed over there and added one. Since everything is using the unpublished method post() ultimately to do the heavy lifting it was a quick one:

func (c *Client) Create(entity, body interface{}) ([]byte, error) {
    endpoint := fmt.Sprintf("Create/%s", entity)

    return, body)