Just One Row

There are so many a-ha moments when you’re writing code and I really wish I had started writing them down at some point because I feel like I could write a book by now. Last night I was copying some code from a previously-written function that feeds JSON data to a website via an API endpoint. For some reason no matter how much data I sent, a single row would show up on the page and nothing else.


This tip comes from my friend Laura the uber DBA. If you’re testing a value for being NULL or being an empty string, do both at the same time with this handy dandy magic: WHERE ISNULL(fieldname, '') != ''

Low Carb Again

It’s about that time again. I’m making another push to lose weight after my drop from 475 down to 420. Thanks to @snipeyhead for the nudge in this tweet. She’s a constant source of awesome on my virtual island. Oh man. Just made a butter toasted cheese steak with ThinSlim bread and Steak-Umms. So freaking good, 2 net carbs. (The flavor is rye but it’s such a light rye you don’t really notice it much.

Single-Line Matches

I feel like I’ve had to learn this particular lesson multiple times so I’m blogging about it for reference. If you have a Cisco configuration and you’re trying to match only interfaces where a particular command exists, you can do it with the (?s) or single-line flag in the regular expression to span the newlines with wildcards. Sample Configuration: interface Vlan23 ip address no ip redirects no ip proxy-arp ip ospf hello-interval 1 ip ospf cost 15 !


Kicking the dust off this blog, this post is going to serve as a both a “yay, we’re having a baby!” notification along with the stuff that I’ve been doing to prepare for her arrival. Since Monday the 12th I’ve been on a new sleep schedule. I sleep twice a day from midnight to 4 AM and then again from noon to 4 PM. Work has been really supportive of the change and we’re cramming all my client-facing stuff into the first 6 hours of my work day leaving the second half for things I can do on my own without them.