Kicking the dust off this blog, this post is going to serve as a both a “yay, we’re having a baby!” notification along with the stuff that I’ve been doing to prepare for her arrival.

Since Monday the 12th I’ve been on a new sleep schedule. I sleep twice a day from midnight to 4 AM and then again from noon to 4 PM. Work has been really supportive of the change and we’re cramming all my client-facing stuff into the first 6 hours of my work day leaving the second half for things I can do on my own without them.

It’s been a little rough, especially the first few days and most definitely Saturday and Sunday morning. My brain immediately went to work at 4 AM trying to justify that it’s the weekend and there’s no reason for structure on the weekend, right? Thankfully my desire to make this work won out and I’m up, drinking coffee, and writing this blog post on Sunday morning.

Oh, why am I doing this? I totally forgot to mention that part. Kayla and I took a birthing series of classes and I capped it out with my very own “daddy” version toward the end of it. In the latter the realization that baby Mackenzie was only going to be sleeping an average of 2-3 hours for 4-6 months hit me. I know we’ll have help initially, but that means once we’re flying solo I can either disappear for 7-8 hours and let Kayla ride solo (ooof) or I can “engineer” (har har) a solution that puts me out of the game no longer than 3-4 hours a time.

I obviously went with the latter because, well, I like Kayla a lot, and I her going bananas is not something I’m trying to be a part of. So, here we are. I’m sleeping 4 hours at a time if I’m in bed promptly, a little less if not, but generally I’m doing alright.