Flying to Texas and back on an itty-bitty plane (seems that way at this size anyway) and dealing with the heat is a huge motivation to get back in the gym and start whittling down this weight I’ve put on since I decided to embrace the sedentary lifestyle that is programming and bingeing Netflix.

So, I’ve been getting up in the morning and starting on the treadmill. That alone has been a challenge. I started at 10 minutes and added 2 minutes every 3 trips or so. And then jumped to 15 minutes because consistency is silly.

And then I realized that I was holding onto the rails which I remembered was a bit of a crutch. So I stopped doing that, 5 minutes at a time, and then on the latest trip, during the entire 15-minute adventure. My midsection feels like someone has taken a blunt instrument to it, but that’s progress.

Eventually I’m going to get back to lifting weights and for that, I have bought these beastly looking things that someone on the internets recommended. As soon as I post this I’ll remember who so I can link them, but for now, a link:

Lock-Jaw 2 Inch Olympic Collar (Red)

And the morning routine has been awesome. As Kayla says, “I like the 5 AM crowd better; everyone’s too tired to be judgey.” So, embracing that.