How many times have you had someone say “you pulled my bacon out of the fire - I owe you a [tasty beverage here]!” How many times have you actually gotten that tasty beverage unless you work 2 cubicles from that person? I present to you, the virtual tip jar: an Amazon list with silly desktop toys and random items all under $10 (or the average price of a tasty beverage).

This is amazing for a few reasons:

  1. No one has to bother you for your address - Amazon handles all that.
  2. There is a “don’t spoil my surprise” option so you don’t accidentally see items removed.
  3. If you want something more than something else you can set 5 different priorities on them: lowest, low, medium, high, and highest.
  4. You can imbue your wishes with a 250-character note explaining why you need this random bit of toy chest in your life.
  5. If you keep your items cheap and the list full you’ll be genuinely surprised when something shows up at your door.

Go forth, conquer, and happy window shopping!